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Together Beyond Diagnosis

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Offering tailored health coaching based solutions to patients, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare institutions

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Our dedicated services


Pharmaceutical Companies

Improve patient adherence and retention, adopting a more 

collaborative care model, and skillful use of behavioral change strategies.

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Patients & Caregivers

We help you recover your confidence.
We work by your side, supporting you to take control of your health.

Identify | Empower | Transform

The key components to Improve the Patient's Experience


New mindsets, new behaviors, new strategies to reduce stress


Patients and caregivers through education and effective communication


The patient's experience by Improving their self-confidence, increasing resilience and, building up positive relationships

Make sustainable changes by creating action plans and strategies

Your Health Experience Partner

We are sharing our best self to help one another

Andrea Suarez V.

Advocate | Curious | Resilient | Bilingual

For Andrea, to transform a company into a genuine patient-centricity organization means understanding the patient’s experience of his or her condition – what are the individual patient values, habits, attitudes, beliefs, needs, and what is most likely to result in a positive healthcare outcome.

Andrea brings over fifteen years of leadership experience in the Consumer Care and Pharmaceutical industry, for the LatAm market.

Andrea focuses on Health Coaching for patients and caregivers diagnosed with a life-changing disease so she could help them navigate not just the disease but their lives as well.

Andrea is a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami. Her role is to help the organization to better understand the needs and preferences of cancer patients and caregivers.


We provide tailored solutions

for patients and caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare institutions



Tambre Leighn

Health Coach

"Andrea is both systematic and intuitive, providing a structured, goal-oriented approach to her coaching sessions and programs while also drawing on strong intuitive skills to meet the needs of her clients. She is compassionate, caring, and effective in her coaching. "

David Goodall


"My mom is a brain cancer survivor and can be very demanding on my family and me. Since working with Andrea, my biggest win has been discovering where my frustration was coming from and how to let it go. This has changed my life in a very positive way."


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