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Free Online Coaching Course

Dealing with the Emotional Rollercoaster
of Cancer
I'm Andrea

I help patients and caregivers assess the ways their lives have suffered as a result of cancer and learn how to improve their quality of life. 

Before training to be a certified coach, Andrea Suarez, CPC, ELI-MP worked more than fifteen years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the course of her career, she had the opportunity to see how patients benefitted from treatment management plans yet she noticed that they failed to provide strategies and support to manage a life-changing disease.

Not one to wait for others to provide innovative solutions, Andrea decided to focus on coaching for cancer survivors and caregivers so she could help them navigate not just the disease but their lives as well.​

There are times we need to learn to stand on our road stones to recover our life balance. Andrea S.


During this course you will learn,


• How to assess your emotional state and what’s stressing you out


• Your emotional triggers that create stress, fear, and feeling overwhelmed


• The emotions that energize  or drain you


• How to express yourself emotionally in a way that others can more easily support and understand

     what you’re going through


• The factors that influence the way you react


• How to consciously choose how to respond instead of reacting


• The impact shifting your emotions can have on your wellbeing


Let me help you find out!


What People Say...

This course's material has helped me improve in all aspects of my life (e.g. family, professional). Learning how to control emotions and acknowledging the power of vulnerability can make you stronger. If you want to change aspects of your life, this course gives you the framework and tools on how to accomplish it.. 

J. Larson

Family Member

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